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Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Bjørn Olav JohansenOdd Rune StraumeTommy Staahl Gabrielsen

National pricing with local quality competition

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Dissemination of Social Accounting Information: A Bibliometric Review

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Success Factors of SMEs: Empirical Study Guided by Dynamic Capabilities and Resources-Based View

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Indicators used to measure service innovation and manufacturing innovation

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Internet and Online Governmental Services Use Divide: Evidence From Oman

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Entry deregulation, firm organization, and wage inequality

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Do subsidies drive technical efficiency? The case of portuguese firms in the agribusiness sector

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The influence of Corporate Governance on Corporate Sustainability: new evidence using panel data in the Iberian macroeconomic environment, International

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Emissions trading in the development model of Colombia

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Absorptive capacity in analytics implementations: A research model

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Socially responsible investing worldwide: Do markets value corporate social responsibility?

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Bjørn Olav JohansenOdd Rune StraumeTommy Staahl Gabrielsen

National Pricing with Local Quality Competition

(2020) (9),
Alexandra CoutoNatália Barbosa

Barriers to entry: An empirical assessment of Portuguese firms’ perceptions

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Returns to tenure or seniority?

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Hours of work and retirement behavior

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Arash Rezazadeh (February 2020).
The enabling capabilities of business model innovation: empirical evidence from the portuguese textile and clothing industry
Advisors: Ana Carvalho