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Cristiana Cerqueira Leal

Ph.D in Business Administration University of Minho


Assistant Professor of Finance at the School of Economics and Management, Department of Management, University of Minho. PhD in Business Administration; BSc in Management by the University of Minho. Her main areas of interest are Behavioral Finance; Investment Decision and Portfolio Management. She has granted some awards, namely, Best Paper Award – PFN 2016; nomination for the Best Scientific Research on Portuguese Capital Markets – Euronext Lisbon Awards 2014. Some of her research work has also been publicized in the national media.



Areas of interest

Behavioral Finance; Investment Decision; Portfolio Management


Leal, C C , & Oliveira, B (2020)

Choice Architecture: Nudging for Sustainable Behavior

In C F Machado & J P Davim (Eds ), Sustainable Management for Managers and Engineers (pp 1–17) UK: ISTE-Wiley DOI
Leal, C C , Armada, M J R , & Loureiro, G (2018)

Individual investors repurchasing behaviour: evidence from the Portuguese stock market

European Journal of Finance, 24(11), 976–999 DOI
Leal, C C , Loureiro, G , & Armada, M J R (2018)

Selling Winners, Buying Losers: Mental Decision Rules Of Individual Investors On Their Holdings

European Financial Management, 24(3), 362–386 DOI
Leal, C S , Armada, M J R , & Duque, J C (2010)

Are all individual investors equally prone to the disposition effect all the time? New evidence from a small market

Frontiers in Finance and Economics, 7(2), 38–68 DOI


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