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Vasco Eiriz

Ph.D in Management University of Manchester


Vasco Eiriz is professor at the University of Minho, School of Economics and Management, Department of Management and NIPE (Braga, Portugal). He is the Diretor of the Department of Management. Before joining the University of Minho he was an auditor and business consultant in the Lisbon office of KMPG Portugal. He has worked for customers from industries such as banking and insurance, manufacturing, retailing, advertising, and pharmaceuticals. He has also worked in a retail family firm.

“Agregação” (a post-doctorate academic title similar to the Habilitation), University of Aveiro (Portugal). He has presented a seminar on organizational networks and entrepreneurship and a report on a course in entrepreneurship.

PhD in Management, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (currently The University of Manchester, United Kingdom). Thesis entitled “A Network and Relationship Approach to Strategic Marketing in Competitively Volatile Sectors”.

Master in Business Administration, Specialization in Marketing, University of Minho. Dissertation entitled “Alianças Estratégicas – Empresas Portuguesas no Contexto Internacional” (“Strategic Alliances – Portuguese Firms in the International Context”).

First degree (“Licenciatura” with five years) in Management, Specialization in Finance and Accounting, Instituto Superior de Gestão (Lisbon, Portugal).



Areas of interest

Strategy and entrepreneurship; firm creation; growth and firms’ dynamics
Business models and innovation
Strategy in SME networks
Relationship marketing and networks in business and consumer markets


Eiriz, V , & Leite, F P (2017)

The digital distribution of music and its impact on the business models of independent musicians

Service Industries Journal, 37(13-14), 875–895 DOI
Barbosa, N , Faria, A P , & Eiriz, V (2014)

Industry-and firm-specific factors of innovation novelty

Industrial and Corporate Change, 23(3), 865–902 DOI
Eiriz, V , Faria, A , & Barbosa, N (2013)

Firm growth and innovation: Towards a typology of innovation strategy

Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice, 15(1), 97–111 DOI
Eiriz, V , Barbosa, N , & Figueiredo, J A (2010)

A conceptual framework to analyse hospital competitiveness

Service Industries Journal, 30(3), 437–448 DOI
Eiriz, V , & Wilson, D (2006)

Research in relationship marketing: antecedents, traditions and integration

European Journal of Marketing, 40(3/4), 275–291 DOI


Innovation Dynamics, Firms’ Strategies and Interactions

Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Duration: 2010-04-15 - 2013-10-14


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