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Francisco Carballo Cruz

Ph.D in Economics University of Oxford


PhD from the University of Oxford with a thesis in the field of Transport Economics. Holds a BA in Economics and a BA in Business Administration, both from the University of Santiago de Compostela, and a MSc in Industrial Economics from the University of Minho. He was Vice-Dean of the School, Director of UMinhoExec and Deputy Director of the Economics Department. He held various positions in bodies of administrative and pedagogical management. He has coordinated and participated in numerous consulting projects in the fields of Public Policies Evaluation and Internationalization – recently concluded studies for the GEE, Ministry of Economy, Savannah Resources, plc, Charteted Association of Architects (Ordem dos Arquitetos), IEFP, Eixo Atlântico and Novo Banco. Francisco has also coordinated several research projects and technology transfer consortia (now is a team member of MoBaE and DigEcoBus). He is a member of the Board of TECMINHO and of the Council of Directors of EURES-T. He integrates the EOC of ERSA, where he acts as Internal Auditor. He is President of APDR and Council member of RSAI. Francisco collaborates with GEN and the Galician Economic Forum. He also belongs to the advisory board of the Ibero-American Chair of the University of Santiago de Compostela.



Areas of interest

Transport economics - Networks and PPP; Regional economics - Global impacts on regional economies and Tourism impacts; Strategic Planning; Internacionalisation


Carballo-Cruz, F (2018)

La recuperación de la economía portuguesa, clave también para Galicia

In J L Gomez (Ed ), Anuario Económico de Galicia 2018 Foro Económico de Galicia DOI
Lampón, J F , Cabanelas, P , & Carballo-Cruz, F (2017)

A model for international production relocation: Multinationals' operational flexibility and requirements at production plant level

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Cohesion Policy in the European Union: A brief critical review

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Causes and consequences of the Spanish economic crisis: Why the recovery is taken so long?

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Carballo-Cruz, F (2012) New patterns in global localization: delocalization and relocalization of economic activities In Globalization Trends and Regional Development Edward Elgar Publishing DOI


CLICTOUR - Climate change resilient tourism in protected areas of Northern Portugal

Funding: Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte | CCDR-N

Duration: 2021-05-01 - 2023-04-30

MOBAE - Cadeia de Valor da Mobilidade Avançada e Estendida na Galiza e Norte de Portugal

Funding: Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte | CCDR-N

Duration: 2019-06-01 - 2022-07-31

Competition and business model innovation in the digital age: theory and applications

Funding: Autoridade de Gestão do Programa Operacional Regional do Norte 2020

Duration: 2018-07-03 - 2021-07-02


Duration: 2017-07-01 - 2019-06-30

Building a Sustainable Approach to the Dual Vocational Training System in Portugal, Spain and Germany

Funding: Comissão Europeia

Duration: 2014-11-01 - 2016-10-30

The german dual system of vocational training: potencialities and problems of its transfer to the portuguese system of vocational training

Funding: Programa Operacional de Apoio Técnico do Fundo Social Europeu

Duration: 2013-10-01 - 2015-03-30

ENTRExplorer – Immersive Serious Game for Entrepreneurs

Funding: Comissão Europeia

Duration: 2010-12-01 - 2012-11-30

1986-2010: The Portuguese Economy in the European Union

Funding: Universidade do Minho

Duration: 2010-04-01 - 2014-05-07

Evaluating the Portuguese Shadow Toll Program: Validation, renegotiation and policy recommendations

Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Duration: 2010-01-01 - 2012-12-31


Economia Global Licenciatura
Finanças Públicas Licenciatura
Projeto em Economia Aplicada Licenciatura
Projeto Multidisciplinar em Negócios Internacionais Licenciatura