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José Carlos Pinho

Ph.D in Industrial and Business Studies University of Warwick

Areas of interest

Internationalization in SMEs
Institutional and International Entrepreneurship
U-I relationships
Dynamic capabilities and Social Networks


Pinho, J C , & Prange, C (2016)

The effect of social networks and dynamic internationalization capabilities on international performance

Journal of World Business, 51(3), 391–403 DOI
Nogueira, S , & Pinho, J C (2015)

Stakeholder Network Integrated Analysis: The Specific Case of Rural Tourism in the Portuguese Peneda-Gerês National Park

International Journal of Tourism Research, 17(4), 325–336 DOI
Pinho, J C M R , & Soares, A M (2015)

Response to advertising on online social networks: The role of social capital

International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39(3), 239–248 DOI
Pinho, J C , & Macedo, I M (2008)

The Driving forces of Internet Adoption: An Empirical Examination from the Portuguese non-profit Sector

EuroMed Journal of Business, 3(3), 305–319 DOI
Macedo, I M , & Pinho, J C M R (2006)

The relationship between resource dependence and market orientation: The specific case of non-profit organisations

European Journal of Marketing, 40(5-6), 533–553 DOI


The synergistic effect of quality management and market orientation in the performance of health sector´ organisations: The Portuguese case

Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Duration: 2007-07-28 - 2011-04-27