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  • Associate Researcher

Cidália Oliveira

Ph.D in Business Administration University of Minho


Rodrigues, M , Franco, M , Silva, R , & Oliveira, C (2021)

Success Factors of SMEs: Empirical Study Guided by Dynamic Capabilities and Resources-Based View

Sustainability, 13(12301), 1–17 DOI
Silva, R , & Oliveira, C (2020)

The influence of innovation in tangible and intangible resource allocation: A qualitative multi case study

Sustainability, 12(12) DOI
Rep, A , Žager, K , & Oliveira, C (2019)

The role of firm characteristics in voluntary disclosure of IC information and its importance for high-tech companies

Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences, 43(2), 185–209 DOI
Fijałkowska, J , & Oliveira, C (2018)

Balanced Scorecard in Universities

Journal of Intercultural Management, 10(4), 57–83 DOI
Oliveira, C , Pinho, J C , & Silva, A (2018)

The relevance of learning and growth in organizations that adopt and do not adopt the BSC- characterization of the cultural profile

Revista Eletrónica Gestão & Sociedade, 12(33), 2584–2602 DOI


Contabilidade Financeira I Licenciatura
Gestão do Desempenho Organizacional Mestrado