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Natália Barbosa

Ph.D in Economics University of Manchester

Areas of interest

Industrial dynamic
foreign direct investiment


Barbosa, N (2020)

Portuguese farming firms’ growth: Do human capital and managerial capabilities matter?

New Medit, 19(1), 101–116 DOI
Barbosa, N , & Faria, A P (2020)

The effect of entrepreneurial origin on firms’ performance: The case of Portuguese academic spinoffs

Industrial and Corporate Change, 29(1), 25–42 DOI
Couto, A , & Barbosa, N (2020)

Barriers to entry: An empirical assessment of Portuguese firms’ perceptions

European Research on Management and Business Economics, 26(2), 55–62 DOI
Faria, A P , Barbosa, N , & Bastos, J (2020)

Portuguese regional innovation systems efficiency in the European Union context

European Planning Studies, 28(8), 1599–1618 DOI
Salustiano, S , Barbosa, N , & Moreira, T

Do subsidies drive technical efficiency? The case of Portuguese firms in the agribusiness sector

Revista De Economia e Sociologia Rural DOI


Innovation Dynamics, Firms’ Strategies and Interactions

Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Duration: 2010-04-15 - 2013-10-14


Economia dos Mercados e da Concorrência Mestrado
Microeconomia I Licenciatura
Microeconomia II Licenciatura