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Nazaré Rego

PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management University of Porto


Holding a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (2015), a Master in Quantitative Methods in Management from the Porto School of Management, University of Porto (2007), and a degree in Management from the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto (1992), Nazaré Rego is Assistant Professor of Management at the School of Economics and Management, University of Minho (EEG). Currently, she is also the Director of the Master in Health Care Units Management and a member of the board of the International Business Degree of the EEG. She has also directed the Post-Graduation in Management for Senior Executives at UMinhoExec- EEG Executive Business School
She was the coordinator of several courses in the areas of supply chain management and operations management in doctoral, masters and undergraduate programs, in which she lectured. Her research interests focus on the application of operations or supply chain management in contexts where complexity may arise due to human behavior, network structure, or risk, and she has published in prestigious international journals.

Areas of interest

Operations management and supply chain management (mainly in a hospital context)


Crispim, J , Martins, A , & Rego, N (2023)

Risk Management in the Clinical Pathology Laboratory: A Bayesian Network Approach

In A Abraham, S Pllana, G Casalino, K Ma, & A Bajaj (Eds ) Intelligent Systems Design and Applications ISDA 2022 Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (Vol 717) Springer, Cham DOI
Simões, E , Crispim, J , & Rego, N (2023)

(In)equity in primary health care teleconsultations: an exploratory study

Procedia Computer Science, 219, 1341-1348 DOI
Reis, M , Crispim, J , & Rego, N (2023)

Patient centered care in primary health care teleconsultations: an exploratory study

Procedia Computer Science, 219, 1349-1356 DOI
Rocha, L A , & Rego, N (2023)

Reorganisation of the internal storage and distribution logistics in a hospital

Procedia Computer Science, 219, 1357-1364 DOI
Fatouh, T , & Rego, N (2023)

Shipbuilding Engineer-To-Order Supply Chain: a Systematic Literature Review

Procedia Computer Science, 219, 1868-1876 DOI


Advanced Data Analysis P.h.D Programme
Health Data Analysis Master's Degree
Management Case Bachelor's Degree
Thesis Master's Degree
Service and Medical Device Management Master's Degree
Logistics Bachelor's Degree
Logistics in Healthcare Units Master's Degree
Methodology and Management Research Proposal Master's Degree
Operations and Supply Chain Management P.h.D Programme