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Paulo Mourão

Ph.D in Economics University of Minho


Paulo Reis Mourão was born in Vila Real (Portugal). He is the author of several scientific articles indexed by ISI Thompson and of some books. His works are focused on Economics, Public Finance, Social Economics and Sports Economics. He appears often in national and international media for commenting social and economic issues. Paulo Mourao has been awarded several times for his scientific works.



Areas of interest

Economics; Public Economics and Social Economics; Public Finance; Sports Economics


Fernández-Marín, J C , de Oliveira, N S M N , & Mourao, P (2022)

The role of policies in transforming regional fiscal structures: an exploratory analysis of spatial data from a policy of fiscal decentralization in Latin America

Journal of Economic Structures, 11(1), 1-24 DOI
Rodil-Marzábal, Ó , Sánchez-Carreira, M D C , Reis Mourão, P J , & Gancarczyk, M (2022)

Euroregions in Perspective: Old Issues and New Challenges for Cooperation

 Revista Galega de Economía, 31(2), 1-6 DOI
Blanco-Varela, B , Quintas-Pérez, M , Sánchez-Carreira, M C , & Mourão, P J R (2022)

Covid and Public Funds: More Opportunities for a Misuse? The Case of the Intermediate Governments of Galicia

Public Organization Review, 1-22 DOI
Faustino, I , Maia, K , Gomes, M R , Mourao, P , & Araujo, E (2022)

Decomposing wage differences in Brazilian regions: a revised insight about traditional discrimination

International Journal of Social Economics, (ahead-of-print) DOI
Peixoto, P , Martinho, V J P D , & Mourao, P (2022)

Corruption and Inflation in Agricultural Production: The Problem of the Chicken and the Egg

Economies, 10(11), 268 DOI
Mourao, P R , & Popescu, I A (2022) Revisiting a macroeconomic controversy: the case of the multiplier–accelerator effect Economies, 10(10), 249 DOI


Funding: Croatian Science Foundation

Duration: 2020-01-03 - 2024-01-02


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