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Nelson Areal

Ph.D in Accounting and Finance Lancaster University


I have a PhD in Accounting and Finance (Lancaster University, 2006; thesis title “Essays on FTSE-100 volatility and options valuation”); MSc in Business Administration with specialization in Corporate Finance (University of Minho, 1998); BSc in Management by the University of Minho (1992). My career also includes two years (1992-1994) as an Information Systems Auditor at Ernst & Young.



Areas of interest

risk measurement and forecasting
option valuation using numerical methods
performance measurement
social responsible investments
sentiment measures
management education


Taques, F H , López, M G , Basso, L F , & Areal, N (2021)

Indicators used to measure service innovation and manufacturing innovation

Journal of Innovation and Knowledge, 6(1), 11–26 DOI
Adcock, C , Areal, N , Cortez, M C , Oliveira, B , & Silva, F (2020)

Does the choice of fund performance measure matter?

Investment Analysts Journal, 49(1), 53–77 DOI
Oliveira, N , Cortez, P , & Areal, N (2017)

The impact of microblogging data for stock market prediction: Using Twitter to predict returns, volatility, trading volume and survey sentiment indices

Expert Systems with Applications, 73, 125–144 DOI
Oliveira, N , Cortez, P , & Areal, N (2016)

Stock market sentiment lexicon acquisition using microblogging data and statistical measures

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Taques, F H , Areal, N , & Basso, L F C (2022)

Benefits on Sales Generated by Innovation

International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 19(01), 2140010 DOI


The financial impact of best practices awards

Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Duration: 2012-03-01 - 2014-02-28


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