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Cláudia Simões

Ph.D in Industrial and Business Studies University of Warwick


Cláudia Simões is a Professor of Management (Marketing and Strategy area) and Dean of the School of Economics and Management at the University of Minho. She holds a PhD in Industrial and Business Studies from the University of Warwick, UK. Her research interests are primarily in strategic marketing , corporate marketing, service management and customer experience. She has published in journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research and others. Her research has been distinguished with the 2020 Shelby D. Hunt/Harold H. Maynard Award (American Marketing Foundation) and in several academic events. Cláudia is Associate Editor of the European Journal of Marketing and editorial board member of the Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Marketing Communications, and Journal of Marketing Trends. She has participated in various managerial meetings/projects and presented at managerial events/workshops. Some of these works involved institutions, such as, AICEP Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency; Eixo Atlântico do Noroeste Peninsular; Braga Trade Association (Portugal) and Advanced Institute of Management (UK). She is a non-executive Board member of InvestBraga and the President of the Board of Trustees of Bracara Augusta Foundation.



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Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Markets

Palgrave MacMillan DOI
da Silveira, C , & Simões, C (2022)

Reconceptualizing Corporate Brand Identity from a Co-Creational Perspective

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Co-creating CSR Value Between Firms and Employees: An Abstract

In Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference (pp 407-408) Springer, Cham DOI
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Perspectives on Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Markets

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Lages, C R , Piercy, N F , Malhotra, N , & Simões, C (2020)

Understanding the mechanisms of the relationship between shared values and service delivery performance of frontline employees

The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 31(21), 2737–2760 DOI


Boas práticas de governo do sector fundacional

Funding: Centro Português de Fundações

Duration: 2021-06-26 - 2021-11-26

O impacto das inovações pedagógicas através do usos de sistemas digitais na qualidade do ensino-aprendizagem

Funding: Universidade do Minho

Duration: 2018-02-02 - 2020-03-31


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