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Cláudia Simões

Ph.D in Industrial and Business Studies University of Warwick


Lages, C R , Piercy, N F , Malhotra, N , & Simões, C (2020)

Understanding the mechanisms of the relationship between shared values and service delivery performance of frontline employees

The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 31(21), 2737–2760 DOI
Nobre, H , & Simões, C (2019)

NewLux Brand Relationship Scale: Capturing the scope of mass-consumed luxury brand relationships

Journal of Business Research, 102, 328–338 DOI
Sarmento, M , & Simões, C (2019)

Trade fairs as engagement platforms: the interplay between physical and virtual touch points

European Journal of Marketing, 53(9), 1782–1807 DOI
Sarmento, M , & Simões, C (2018)

The evolving role of trade fairs in business: A systematic literature review and a research agenda

Industrial Marketing Management, 73, 154–170 DOI
Simões, C , & Sebastiani, R (2017)

The Nature of the Relationship between Corporate Identity and Corporate Sustainability: Evidence from the Retail Industry

Business Ethics Quarterly, 27(3), 423–453 DOI


Funding: Universidade do Minho

Duration: 2018-02-02 - 2020-03-31


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