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Trabalho digno e crescimento económico

Promover o crescimento económico inclusivo e sustentável, o emprego pleno e produtivo e o trabalho digno para todos.  
Rodrigo Caldeira Almeida MartinsVitor Castro

Government ideology and economic freedom

(2021) Journal of Comparative Economics, 49(1), 73-91
Cidália OliveiraJosé ValeMaria do Céu AlvesRui Silva‪Margarida Rodrigues

The impact of strategy, environment, and the management system on the foreign subsidiary: The implication for open innovation

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Diogo ArezesLígia PintoPaulo Ramísio

A co-financing model for the mitigation of highway runoff pollution

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Ricardo SousaStefan AvdjievStephan Binder

External debt composition and domestic credit cycles

(2021) Journal of International Money and Finance, 115 102377
Mark E. WoharMehmet BalcilarRangan GuptaRicardo Sousa

What Can Fifty-Two Collateralizable Wealth Measures Tell Us About Future Housing Market Returns? Evidence from U.S. State-Level Data

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Paulo MourãoWiliam Retamiro

Community development banks (CDB): a bibliometric analysis of the first 2 decades of scientific production

(2021) Environment, Development and Sustainability, 23(1), 477-493
Frode MelandKjell LommerudOdd Rune Straume

International outsourcing and trade union (de-)centralisation

(2021) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 187 76-91
Ana FernandesDudley CookePriscila Ferreira

Entry deregulation, firm organization, and wage inequality

(2021) International Journal of Industrial Organization, 77 102763
Cidália OliveiraJosé ValeMaria do Céu AlvesRui SilvaVera Vale‪Margarida Rodrigues

Control in Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationships: a Case Study Focused on Expatriate and Managers Perspectives

(2021) Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 20(6), 1-16
Artur RodriguesJosé LacerdaPaulo Jorge Pereira

Toehold acquisitions as option games

(2021) Economics Letters, 209 110093
Carlos Machado-SantosCidália OliveiraMárcio OliveiraRui BertuziRui Silva‪Margarida Rodrigues

Management control procedures in multinationals versus subsidiaries

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Carlos Machado-SantosCidália OliveiraMárcio OliveiraRui Silva‪Margarida Rodrigues

An Overview of Management Control Theory

(2021) Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 20(2), 1-13
Cidália OliveiraRui Silva‪Margarida Rodrigues

The Flexibility of Temporary Employment in Europe

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Emissions trading in the development model of Colombia

(2020) Climate Policy, 20(9), 1161-1174
Ana Paula FerreiraGina Gaio SantosJosé Carlos Pinho

Researchers from Portugal have shown how different career strategies influence career development for university graduates

(2020) Human Resource Management International Diges, 28(6), 41-43
Cláudia SimõesCristiana LagesNeeru MalhotraNigel F. Piercy

Understanding the mechanisms of the relationship between shared values and service delivery performance of frontline employees

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Caroline TynanH.P. Samanthika GallageMaria Teresa Heath

Adopting and sustaining responsible drinking: reconciling selves amidst conflicting messages

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Unconventional monetary policy reaction functions: Evidence from the US

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U.S. equity and commodity futures markets: Hedging or financialization?

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Do subsidies drive technical efficiency? The case of portuguese firms in the agribusiness sector

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Discussing the intriguing relation between unemployment and giving practices

(2020) International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 25(1),
João Fernandes RebeloLina Lourenço-GomesLígia PintoTânia Gonçalves

Temporal stability of discrete choice values for preserving a cultural landscape: The Alto Douro Wine Region

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Francisco VeigaJoilson DiasKézia de Lucas Bondezan

Institutions, government stability and human capital accumulation

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Market Competition and Executive Pay

(2019) IZA World of Labor, 115(v2),
Ana FernandesDudley CookePriscila Ferreira

Product market competition and gender discrimination

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Impacts of Technology Adoption by Small Independent Food Retailers

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Accounting as a tool of state ideology to control captive workers from a House of Correction

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The luck of being of the right gender and color: a detailed discussion about the wage gaps in the Brazilian manufacturing industry

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Career attitudes and employability: analysis of mediation via career strategies

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A competing risks tale on successful and unsuccessful fiscal consolidations

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Social Entrepreneur`s Networks and Institutional Environments: Ties That Bind?

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What influences a tourist to return to a cultural destination?

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Training in Portuguese non-profit organizations: The quest towards professionalization

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Public spending and growth: The role of government accountability

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How does political instability affect economic growth?

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Measurement Error in Education and Growth Regressions

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Maximilian Groh (February 2020).
Strategic assessment of product policy in the marketing of e-commerce companies
Orientadores: Cláudia Simões
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The enabling capabilities of business model innovation: empirical evidence from the portuguese textile and clothing industry
Orientadores: Ana Carvalho