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Resposible consuption and production

Carla Cristina FerreiraLina Lourenço-GomesLígia Pinto

Region of origin and perceived quality of wine: an assimilation –contrast approach

Wine Economics and Policy
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A co-financing model for the mitigation of highway runoff pollution

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Biophysical and monetary quantification of ecosystem services in a mountain region: the case of avoided soil erosion

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Dissemination of Social Accounting Information: A Bibliometric Review

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The alignment of ethical marketing and innovational organization growth

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Does stakeholder engagement encourage environmental reporting? The mediating role of firm performance

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Imagining a different voice: A critical and caring approach to management education

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Sustainability Strategy in Higher Education Institutions: Lessons learned from a nine-year case study

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Corporate social responsibility disclosure in small and medium-sized entities and large companies

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The engagement of auditors in the reporting of corporate social responsibility information

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On the behavioural relevance of optional and mandatory impure public goods

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Arash Rezazadeh (February 2020).
The enabling capabilities of business model innovation: empirical evidence from the portuguese textile and clothing industry
Advisors: Ana Carvalho