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Florinda Silva

Ph.D in Business Administration - Finance University of Minho


Faculty member of the management department, School of Economics and Management, University of Minho.
Member of NIPE research unit.
Currently director of the undergraduate programme in International Business and member of the scientific board of the PhD programme in Business Administration.



Areas of interest

Fund Performance Evaluation
Socially Responsible Investments
Bond Markets.


Cortez, M C , Andrade, N , & Silva, F (2022)

The environmental and financial performance of green energy investments: European evidence

Ecological Economics, 197, 107427 DOI
Abadi, R T , & Silva, F (2022)

Do Islamic fundamental weighted indices outperform their conventional counterparts? An empirical investigation during the crises in the MENA region

Eurasian Economic Review, 12(2), 241-266 DOI
Adcock, C , Areal, N , Cortez, M C , Oliveira, B , & Silva, F (2020)

Does the choice of fund performance measure matter?

Investment Analysts Journal, 49(1), 53–77 DOI
Abadi, R , & Silva, F (2019)

Common risk factors in stock returns in the mena region

Asian Journal of Business and Accounting, 12(2), 29–60 DOI
Abadi, R , & Silva, F (2019)

Do Fundamental Portfolios Outperform in the MENA Equity Markets?

International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, 12(2), 265–281 DOI


Certificações/rótulos de sustentabilidade na Europa: entidades governmentais versus entidades privadas

Funding: Institut Louis Bachelier

Duration: 2022-01-14 - 2023-01-14

Entidades governamentais versus atores privados em labelling de sustentabilidade na União Europeia

Funding: Labex MME-DII

Duration: 2021-12-01 - 2023-02-28


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