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Reduced inequalities

Cristiana Cerqueira LealDanilo Brown dos SantosIsrael Santos FelipeWesley Mendes-Da-Silva

Reward crowdfunding campaigns: Time-to-success analysis

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Health by Words—A Content Analysis of Political Manifestos in the Portuguese Elections of 1975

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Creative Tourism and Regional Development: a bibliometric survey of the literature available in two scientific literature databases

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What Can Fifty-Two Collateralizable Wealth Measures Tell Us About Future Housing Market Returns? Evidence from U.S. State-Level Data

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What drives the duration of credit booms?

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Rodrigo Caldeira Almeida MartinsVitor Castro

Government ideology and economic freedom

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Community development banks (CDB): a bibliometric analysis of the first 2 decades of scientific production

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Why are credit booms sometimes sweet and sometimes sour?

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The Implementation of an Online Ticket Platform as a Cultural Management Strategy

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The Flexibility of Temporary Employment in Europe

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Success Factors of SMEs: Empirical Study Guided by Dynamic Capabilities and Resources-Based View

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Christianity, democracy, and Maritain: a reading of a path of meetings and retreats

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How does monetary policy respond to the dynamics of the shadow banking sector?

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Product market competition and gender discrimination

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The luck of being of the right gender and color: a detailed discussion about the wage gaps in the Brazilian manufacturing industry

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Structural systemic risk: Evolution and main drivers

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