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Parterships for the goals

Duc Khuong NguyenJustine WoodVitor Castro

Political environment and financial crises

International Journal of Finance and Economics, 27(1), 417 - 438
Cidália OliveiraJosé ValeMaria do Céu AlvesRui Silva‪Margarida Rodrigues

The impact of strategy, environment, and the management system on the foreign subsidiary: The implication for open innovation

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Rodrigo Caldeira Almeida MartinsVitor Castro

What drives the duration of credit booms?

(2021) International Journal of Finance and Economics, 26(1), 1531-1549
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Linking U.S. State-level housing market returns, and the consumption-(dis)aggregate wealth ratio

(2021) International Review of Economics and Finance, 71 779-810
Rodrigo Caldeira Almeida MartinsVitor Castro

Why are credit booms sometimes sweet and sometimes sour?

(2021) International Journal of Finance and Economics, 26(2), 3054-3074
Fredj JawadiGilles DufrénotLuca AgnelloRicardo SousaVitor Castro

Unconventional monetary policy reaction functions: Evidence from the US

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The Housing Cycle: What Role for Mortgage Market Development and Housing Finance?

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Rodrigo Caldeira Almeida MartinsVitor Castro

Riding the Wave of Credit: Are Longer Expansions Really a Bad Omen?

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Fredj JawadiLuca AgnelloRicardo SousaVitor Castro

How does monetary policy respond to the dynamics of the shadow banking sector?

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Mauro CostantiniRicardo Sousa

Consumption, asset wealth, equity premium, term spread, and flight to quality

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Lúcia Lima RodriguesMarilene FeitosaMário Marques

Eficiência tributária dos países-membros da OCDE e Brasil para a geração de educação

(2020) Revista Evidenciação Contábil & Finanças, 8(1), 110-129
Eurídice AndradeJosé Paulo CosenzaLúcia Lima Rodrigues

Corporate Behavior: An Exploratory Study of the Brazilian Tax Management from a Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective

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Rodrigo Caldeira Almeida MartinsVitor Castro

The collapse of credit booms: a competing risks analysis

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Budgets, expenditure composition and political manipulation

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A competing risks tale on successful and unsuccessful fiscal consolidations

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Mustapha Olalekan Ojo (September 2020).
Comovement of Yield Curves and International Macroeconomic Variables: a Wavelet Approach
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Fiscal Decentralization, Intergovernmental Transfers and Human Development