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Cognitive Abilities, Gender, and Migration Aspirations (with Alicia Adsera and Till Nikolka)

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Panu Poutvaara (IFO institute)


Sala 0.04 EEG - UMinho & Online


Início06.04.2022 11:00Fim06.04.2022 12:00

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We analyze how migration aspirations and intentions among students in Czechia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and Spain are related to their cognitive ability scores. Higher scores predict migration aspirations and intentions among women, also when controlling for country of residence, study field, degree, age, risk attitudes, patience, and parental education. For men, there is no systematic link between cognitive ability scores and migration aspirations and intentions. Ability scores of those wishing to emigrate dominate the scores of those who do not wish to emigrate among female and male STEM and social science students, and among female economics and business students. Further, the willingness to take risks is more strongly associated with women’s migration aspirations and intentions. Patience has no statistically significant effect on either gender. Among women who think the labor market situation in the country of origin is much worse for them than for men, those with the highest cognitive abilities are willing to consider permanent moves.