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Decomposing Migrant Self-selection: Education, Occupation, and Unobserved Abilities (with Ilpo Kauppinen)

Guest speaker

Panu Poutvaara (IFO institute)


Sala 0.04 EEG - UMinho & Online


Start06.04.2022 11:00End06.02.2022 12:00

Event summary


In this paper, we analyze self-selection of emigrants from Finland in terms of education, earnings, occupation, and unobserved abilities, measured by residual earnings from Mincerian wage regressions. Our main focus in on full-time employees, but we present also results for full working-age population. We study how self-selection of migrants to other Nordic countries and to the rest of the world differs, and how it differs between short and long durations of migration. We also decompose migrant self-selection, to shed light on the relative importance of education, occupation, and unobserved abilities, and how these have changed over time.