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Digitalization: the edge of first movers

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Cátia Cerqueira (NIPE)


EEG UMinho & Online


Início04.10.2023 13:15Fim04.10.2023 14:15

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Cátia Cerqueira is a Ph.D. student who has been a researcher at NIPE since 2021, benefiting from an FCT scholarship (UI/BD/150752/2020). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Finance, both from the University of Minho. Her doctoral thesis, titled “Portuguese firms’ productivity: management quality, human capital, and digitalization,” is advised by Miguel Portela (NIPE) and Fernando Alexandre (NIPE). Her primary research interests encompass the fields of Innovation Economics, Industrial Organization, and Labor Economics.


This paper examines firms’ characteristics and performance impacts associated with being a first mover adopter of cloud computing and big data, as compared to being a follower or non-adopter. We find that firms with higher levels of managerial education and shorter managerial tenures are more likely to be digital adopters. Follower adopters are influenced by managers’ experience prior to joining the organization, while the decisions of first movers seem to be inherent and ingrained within the company’s culture. First movers of big data have distinct characteristics from follower adopters, while in the case of cloud computing, both groups share the same key characteristics. Regarding the impact on performance, we find that first mover firms experience significant gains in gross value added and productivity compared to non-adopters in both digitalization technologies. Additionally, first movers also outperform follower adopters in the case of big data. Furthermore, we find that higher levels of education and shorter managerial tenure amplify the positive effects of big data adoption on firms’ performance.

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