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A consortium model for managing integrated digital service platforms: An application to the connected urban cycling ecosystem

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Ana Carvalho (NIPE)


Sala 1.33 EEG & Online


Início13.03.2024 13:15Fim13.03.2024 14:15

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Digital platforms attract growing interest from academia and practitioners. However, research has concentrated on limited types of platforms and supporting ecosystems, mainly software-based. Digital service platforms, that rely strongly on participants’ interdependence and complementarity, remain poorly understood, including issues relating to platform governance, the relationships among members and how they co-create value, and the role of data. Using the rapidly expanding urban cycling context as an illustrative case, this paper offers a conceptual discussion about how a complex ecosystem of heterogeneous service providers could be brought together into a digital service platform to co-create for the urban cycling context. We discuss the implications of collective ownership of the platform and of the different types of participants’ complementarities on ecosystem structure, platform management, level of platform openness, value capture and share among members. Moreover, we discuss the role of data and data analytics in service provision, value co-creation, and as a revenue source. We argue that an integrator platform model, owned and run by a consortium of core ecosystem members, and where data plays a central role, would best suit highly integrated digital service ecosystems. Based on the conceptual exploration of the topic, several research opportunities are identified.

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