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European football in the eyes of consumers

Guest speaker

Anthony Macedo (University of Aveiro)


Room -1.26 EEG & Online


Start27.10.2021 11:00End27.10.2021 12:00

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This Wednesday, 27th October (11:00 – in-person and online) Anthony Macedo is presenting a Seminar.

Anthony Macedo is a PhD student in Business and Economics at UA since 2019 and currently developing a PhD thesis with the title “Essays on Sports Economics: The European Super League of Football”, under the supervision of Marta Ferreira Dias (UA) and Paulo Reis Mourão (UM). This thesis is supported by the research unit GOVCOPP (UA) and the FCT through a PhD Research Scholarship.



The polarization of wealth and talent within and between European football leagues has been growing for some decades now. However, despite the regulator (UEFA) not being blameless, protests by football fans have been scarce and much less severe than, for example, against the creation of a breakaway league grouping some of the top clubs (European Super League). Therefore, this raises the question of what the determinants of European football demand are. This study aims to estimate that using survey data on consumers’ evaluation of European football competitions (Big-5 European leagues, Portuguese league, and Champions League). The results suggest that demand increases for most competitions with the consumer’s level of interest, the accessibility to the matches, and the consumer being fan of a club playing in that competition. Perception of competitive balance by consumers has not a statistically significant effect on demand, which corroborates with some of the literature rejecting the outcome uncertainty hypothesis for football. On the other hand, the perception of quality of game played has a positive impact for the demand of certain competitions. Finally, it is found that the country of residence and historical bonds with a country influence demand.


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