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Base de dados ORBIS

Orador convidado

Dr. Joaquim Henriques (Moodys Analytics)




Início28.10.2021 11:00Fim28.10.2021 18:00

Resumo do evento

NIPE is pleased to announce a Research Training workshop on Orbis database, by Dr. Joaquim  Henriques (Moodys Analytics)

The workshop will take place on 28th Ocotber 2021, 11:00-12:00 by video-conference.

This session is directed to master and PhD students (EEG/UMINHO). The language in this session is English.

Registrations at: http://www.eegs.eeg.uminho.pt


  1. Moody’s Analytics Value Proposition Framework and Data available on the Orbis Platform
  2. Overview of a Practical Case regarding the Firmographic Data of a company in the context of the Database
  3. Massive Search of Companies by Sector, Activity and Boolean Search
  4. Peer Group Analysis (Niche of Companies) – Benchmarking exercise
  5. Corporate Ownership Structure Module (T-rank + Power and Coalitions) in Orbis