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Luís Sá

Ph.D in Economics University of Minho


Luís Sá is an “applied theorist” whose research interest lie in the boundary between Industrial Organisation and Health Economics. Luís received his PhD in Economics from the University of Minho, where he was supervised by Odd Rune Straume and where he currently researches and teaches. Luís has studied how the interaction between hospitals determines waiting times and quality provision in competitive settings which reflect healthcare markets attributes such as demand inertia, the complexity of assessing the quality of care, the departure from pure profit-maximisation, and regulatory constraints. Recently, he has also taken an interest in Behavioural Experiments in Health.



Areas of interest

Health Economics
Industrial Organisation.


Sá, L , & Straume, O R (2022)

Hospital competition when patients learn through experience

(No 12) Universidade do Minho, NIPE DOI
Sá, L , & Straume, O R (2021)

Quality provision in hospital markets with demand inertia: The role of patient expectations

Journal of Health Economics, 80, 102529 DOI
Sá, L , & Straume, O R (2020)

Quality provision in hospital markets with demand inertia: the role of patient expectations

(No 3) Universidade do Minho, NIPE DOI
Correia, I , Sá, L , & Veiga, P (2019)

Lawmaking Towards Hospital Competition: Is Free Choice of Provider Enough?

In E Tec Yearbook Health Law and Technology (pp 37–52) JusGov - Research Centre for Justice and Governance DOI
Sá, L , Siciliani, L , & Straume, O R (2019)

Dynamic hospital competition under rationing by waiting times

Journal of Health Economics, 66, 260–282 DOI


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