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Gualtar Campus | EEG - 1.01 and 0.01


Start15.09.2006 09:30End15.09.2006 00:00

Event summary

At the Workshop “Personnel and Research in Economics” some of the works carried out using the “Personnel Charts” will be presented, a database that has been internationally recognized as one of the richest in terms of micro information, at the worker level, establishment and company.
The Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity and the Dean of the University of Minho will be present at the opening session.

The database “Pictures of Personnel”, of the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity (MTSS), has been recognized internationally as one of the richest in terms of micro information, at the worker, establishment and company level. Within the scope of Economic Science, numerous academic works were carried out using this source of information, so it would be important to further disseminate the results obtained, not only to policy makers, but also to the general public.
This event will also feature the presence of some technical staff from the MTSS, the entity responsible for producing the information. This event also closes a series of initiatives by the Department of Economics aimed at celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Degree in Economics at the University of Minho.

João Carlos Cerejeira, Miguel Portela e Carla Sá
Economy Department
School of Economics and Management
University of Minho
email: depeco@eeg.uminho.pt
telef. : +351253604584