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The Work Values of Portuguese Generation Z in the school- to-work transition phase

Guest speaker

Ana Carvalho (NIPE)


EEG - Room 0.04


Start26.02.2020 13:15End26.02.2020 14:00

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Online via E-mail

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Event summary

The cohort of young people born with or after the internet has been dubbed Generation Z (or post-millennials). They are now entering the school-to-work transition phase, although this is yet to be studied. Previous studies have found that work values and work preferences vary across generations and national cultures, justifying regular and localized examination. But very little is known to date about the work values of Portuguese young adults. In this study, we describe the work values of Portuguese university students in the school-to-work transition phase and examine their influence on salient work-related preferences. We surveyed over 2,000 students attending university degrees from eight Portuguese universities. We find that Portuguese Gen Z value Social values above all, followed by Intrinsic and then Extrinsic work values, potentially configuring a unique profile. Work values partially explain work preferences such as employer size and salary expectations. Gender differences mark our results, with women expressing lower entry salary expectations. These results can be useful for employers seeking to attract the best university graduates, facilitate their integration and promote their development.