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SIC Notícias | Analysis of Luís Aguiar- Conraria

Luís Aguiar-Conraria, Full Professor at the University of Minho and NIPE researcher, usually comments on economic issues in SIC Notícias. On the Evening Edition of last 29 August, he analysed the current situation of the cost of living of the portuguese people in the face of the inflation that is being felt, among other themes.

Luís Aguiar-Conraria explains that “There’s no magic wand to isolate the Portuguese from the rising cost of living. There is a shock that has an external origin, nobody in Portugal is to blame for this shock which has caused prices to soar, and there is nothing the government can do to stop it”.

The NIPE researcher believes that the portuguese Government should “support the Portuguese who need it most”, explaining that there should be a balanced increase in salary and inflation so that the Portuguese population can adapt without impacting on inflation.

Comments are also made about the unemployment rate in our country, the impact of the increase, particularly in energy, and the impact of the current crisis on the State Budget.

You may consult the full commentary.