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Miguel A. Fonseca

Ph.D in Economics Royal University of Phnom Peh


Fonseca, M A , & Peters, K (2018)

Will any gossip do? Gossip does not need to be perfectly accurate to promote trust

Games and Economic Behavior, 107, 253–281 DOI
Fonseca, M A , Li, Y , & Normann, H T (2018)

Why factors facilitating collusion may not predict cartel occurrence — experimental evidence

Southern Economic Journal, 85(1), 255–275 DOI
Steffens, N K , Fonseca, M A , Ryan, M K , Rink, F A , Stoker, J I , & Pieterse, A N (2018)

How feedback about leadership potential impacts ambition, organizational commitment, and performance

Leadership Quarterly, 29(6), 637–647 DOI
Fonseca, M A , & Grimshaw, S B (2017)

Do behavioral nudges in prepopulated tax forms affect compliance? Experimental evidence with real taxpayers

J PUBLIC POLICY MARK, 36(2), 213–226 DOI
Chakravarty, S , Fonseca, M A , Ghosh, S , & Marjit, S (2016)

Religious Fragmentation, Social Identity and Conflict: Evidence from an Artefactual Field Experiment in India

PLoS One, 1–17 DOI