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Brown Bag Seminars

Validating business models for a digital service platform for the connected 2-wheelers ecosystem

Guest speaker

Ana Carvalho (U. Minho - NIPE)


Campus de Gualtar | EEG - Room -1.26


Start03.11.2021 11:00End03.11.2021 12:00

Event summary


The role of 2-wheelers (bicycles, e-bikes, scooter…) in urban mobility has grown substantially for their potential to improve urban sustainability, with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing on a “cycling revolution”.

We present the results of an international Delphi study, with 35 experts from 17 countries, to validate alternative business models for a Connected 2-Wheeler Urban Mobility (C2WUM) digital service platform, which collects data from multiple sources (like infrastructure and bike sensors, users’ smartphones and the systems of shared-bike operators and public transport). A service integrator then processes and repackages this data into diverse formats to fit the needs of the different ecosystem supply-side members so they make better decisions and amplify their own value propositions to serve the platform end-users, the urban bikers.