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Brown Bag Seminars

The impact of Telework on Creativity and Innovation

Guest speaker

Tiago Farinha (EEG)


Room -1.26 EEG UMinho & Online


Start11.10.2023 13:15End11.10.2023 14:15

Event summary


I am a Ph.d student starting the second year of the Doctoral Programme in Managment at the University of Minho. My thesis will focus on “The impact of Telework on Creativity and Innovation” and my advisor is Professor Ana Carvalho. I concluded a Master’s in Finance in the University of Minho, where I also concluded a Bachelor’s in Management.


The growing percentage of teleworkers and the gap in the current literature on telework and its relation to organizational creativity and innovation drive the proposed study. Supported by literature both on telework and on creativity and innovation, the proposed qualitative study is set to consider Nonaka’s (1994) Dynamic Theory of Organizational Knowledge Creation and Ekvall’s (1996) creative and innovative climate. Telework’s impact on organizational creativity and innovation will be assessed in the following two years through a qualitative study with interview-focused case studies of 2 research units and 4 companies. In a more practical orientation, the proposed study is set to compile a list of good practices that should prove helpful for organizations with creative and innovative focus that have adopted teleworking.

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