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Research Training

Data Visualization with R

Guest speaker

Nelson Areal (NIPE - UMinho)




Start29.03.2021 11:00End29.03.2021 12:00

Event summary

This course presents basic visualization principles, the characteristics of a good plot and how to create plots. We will learn how to create plots for categorical and continuous variables, plots that display several variables simultaneously, adding layers such as summaries, create small multiples, annotate plots and create basic maps. The module will use ggplot2 package extensively. This package is based on the Grammar of Graphics, is very flexible and allows the user to control the resulting plot. If time permits I will show examples of creating animations and also adding interactivity to plots  using plotly.
The course assumes working knowledge of R, Rmarkown notebooks and the tidyr and dplyr packages.

  1. Basic visualization principles. What we should know, and what we should avoid.
  2. Introduction to ggplot2: core principles.
  3. Plotting categorical and continuous variables.
  4. Small multiples.
  5. Adding summaries.
  6. Annotating plots.
  7. Creating simple maps.

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— Wickham, H. (2020). ggplot2: elegant graphics for data analysis. 3rd edition. https://ggplot2-book.org
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