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C2021 Conference Cycle | Specialization and diversification of the Portuguese economy: what perspectives in the post-COVID




Start18.05.2021 15:00End18.05.2021 17:00

Event summary

The Portuguese Public Finance Council, in partnership with NIPE – Centre for Research in Economics and Management (University of Minho), will attain in May 18 the webinar “Specialization and diversification of the Portuguese economy: what perspectives in the post-COVID?”.
Integrated in the CFP’s 2021 Conference Cycle, the webinar will start at 15:00 pm on the Zoom platform with interventions of Cláudia Maria Neves Simões, University of Minho’s School of Economics and Management President, and Nazaré da Costa Cabral, presidente of the CFP’s Senior Board.
The event will be divided into two parts: the first panel will have Miguel Portela (NIPE and UMinho), Joana Cima (NIPE and UMinho) and Fernando Alexandre (NIPE and UMinho) interventions, followed by a round table with the participation of Ana Teresa Lehmann (University of Porto), João Amador (Nova SBE and Banco de Portugal), Joana Silva (Católica Lisbon) and the moderation of Carlos Marinheiro (CFP).
The first conference of this cycle which started in 2020 took place on March 4 in Coimbra under the theme “Economic Growth and Productivity in Portugal” –, in partnership with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and CeBER. The second conference “Economic Inequalities and Redistribution in Portugal” took place on October 7 in partnership with Nova SBE. “Which fiscal rules do we need after the Covid-19 Crisis?” was the third and last conference of the 2020 Conference Cycle and was held in December in partnership with Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto.

The webinar, which will be held in portuguese, will be open to the public.
Zoom link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/84450708671

For any further questions or information, please contact cfp@cfp.pt.