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Maria Joana Soares

Ph.D in Mathematics Brunel University


Falcão, M I , Miranda, F , Severino, R , & Soares, M J (2017)

Basins of attraction for a quadratic coquaternionic map

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 104, 716–724 DOI
Aguiar-Conraria, L , & Soares, M J (2014)

The continuous wavelet transform: Moving beyond uni- and bivariate analysis

Journal of Economic Surveys, 28(2), 344–375 DOI
Aguiar-Conraria, L , Magalhães, P C , & Soares, M J (2012)

Cycles in Politics: Wavelet Analysis of Political Time Series

American Journal of Political Science, 56(2), 500–518 DOI
Aguiar-Conraria, L , Martins, M M F , & Soares, M J (2012)

The yield curve and the macro-economy across time and frequencies

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 36(12), 1950–1970 DOI